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Ceren Dabag is an Istanbul based young designer and illustrator. 

She studied Product design at Yeditepe University, Istanbul and at Vsup, Prague. She graduated with first class BA Hons in 2012. During her education, she participated many workshops and completed design projects. She worked in Lenbran, Los Angeles/USA as a design consultant. She continues her works in the field of design products since 2013. She is the founder of Collective RAW group that organizes international exhibitions at events such as MDW, LDF, and she runs design workshops locally and abroad. 

With a strong focus on colour, geometry, material and texture, Ceren Dabag drives her inspiration from nature. She constructs her designs around a story and intimately sculpts them. 

At the moment, she focuses on her illustrations. She is represented by Loveblood Creative. Ceren's illustration often takes inspiration from nature, interiors and characters. Her unique triangular compositions and the fashion styling bring harmony to her work.



2018 Frankfurt Heimtextil Fair, Genetic Codes of Turkish Design 

2018 Paris Design Week, 1000 Vases exhibition, the scenography by Roberto Baciocchi

2017 Design Week Turkey, Genetic Codes of Turkish Design 

2017 Design Week Turkey, exhibition of Urban Atölye

2017 Design Week Turkey, Trend Space

2017 Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, Paper Presentation

2016 Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week, with group Form&Seek

2015 Designjunction, London Design Week, with group Collective RAW

2015 Istanbul Mini Maker Faire, exhibition of Atolye Istanbul

2015 Expo, Val Sarentino, exhibition of Connect Identity 

2015 Expo, Milan, exhibition of Connect Identity 

2015 Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week, with group Collective RAW

2015 alldesign Istanbul, exhibition of Atolye Istanbul

2014 Design Spirit Istanbul, Istanbul Tasarım Akademisi

2014 Istanbul Design Week, exhibition of "Iplemedik"

2013 Euroluce Frankfurt, exhibition of Purmundus




EDIDA Elle Deco International Design Award Turkey 2016 - Young Designer Talent




2014 Merz Akademie Workshop, Being Yourself! Being Alive!

2014 Istanbul Design Biennial Workshop, Internalization: through the colors of nature


Collective RAW


Connect Identity

Urban Atölye

Sveg Bags


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