Canyons form where river beds are not softened by rain water through ages of drought. The vase KANYON takes form, texture and colour inspired by the self generated patterns in canyons.


Pigment, lime, cement mixtures

White to gray, yellow and copper transitions

Ø18 cm h30 cm




​​ONE designed by Ceren Dabag is a series of design that aims to bring objects of different natures into a similar existence by keeping the subjects visual identity, but representing them in a new way by material unification. For instance, in reality a side table with a plant on top of it are two different objects' but in Cerens mind's eye they are ONE. 

The series is produced with cutting and layering two-dimensional sheet materials and transforming it into sculptural three-dimensional forms.



“Do we really want to live in a world made of skyscrapers, tall buildings?” and “What is freedom?” taking these two questions as an inspiration, Ceren thinks about how urban living affect people’s mental health?


"Lock" collection of wearable objects include an unisex necklace and a bracelet. It is designed as a symbol of locks that we all have one in today’s modern world. Collection takes its shapes from geometrical architectural forms. 




Isak Runggaldier has learned from his father the tequina of carving Alpine horns. A tree trunk is digged out until its exterior layer becomes translucent. Transformed to a lamp, a reddish light floods through the wooden membrane. 

The Soul of the Forest is a collaboration project, designed and produced in Connect Identity Design Residency in Val Sarentino, Italy.

Designers: Ceren Dabag, William D'Alessandro

Craftsmen: Isak Runggaldier, Tobias Nussbaumer



A tableware collection which combines two local elements. The starting point: eating together from one large pan. A typical "Sarner" ornament and its geometrical structure becomes the design instrument.

The Functional Ornament is a collaboration project, designed and produced in Connect Identity Design Residency in Val Sarentino, Italy.

Designers: Ceren Dabag, William D'Alessandro

Craftsman: Tobias Nussbaumer



A tableware collection that creates a feeling experience for its users. FEEL inspired by how users can’t perceive the feeling of the materials anymore cause of touching only ipads or iphones surfaces most of the time in modern technologies societies. In this collection, Ceren Dabag wanted to create an object to touch.


FEEL took a thought-provoking approach to the texture of surface by the contrast combination of raw material surface which offers a tactile finish while the glazed surface which looses the material’s characteristic due to industrial processes. The white colour and matte glaze keeps the focus on the texture of the material.


Lace has a high value in Turkish tradition. By passing generations, it exists until today. Young ladies used to make lace for their marriage portion. It was a need for decorative parts of their future houses. Above this, it was a way to show their creative skills to others. At present, new generation looses their interest in the lace tradition, but lace actually has a good sense and identity which can be translated it into something new. This is the source of inspriation for this lighting design. 


Marriage portion is cross between handicraft and mass production, combines the coldness of concrete and the romantic memory of lace into contemporary design. Freedom is a key point for this design. Because, the techniques of crochet is hard to learn and what I observed from my olders was so strict more than I expect. They used to copy some ornaments instead of creating news. So, In marriage portion, every crochet has its own unique style, and don’t scary by making mistakes. On the contrary, it celebrates the creativity of imperfection. 


Project’s theme was ‘Imperfection’ referencing to the Istanbul Design Biennial’s 2012 thematic framework. In this project, I tried to understand 

‘’Turkish Tea Experience’’ by usign deconstruction and construction method. My metaphor was a playdoh which is endless, adventurous and not

fullfill its function. Vernal Workshop led by Ayşe Birsel within the sponsorship of Vitra.


© Ceren Dabag Design Studio / Istanbul